Innovation at the service of the fauna

Het project Life4Fish is een voorbeeld van het voornemen van Luminus om een actieve rol te spelen in de productie van hernieuwbare energie en de strijd tegen de klimaatverandering. Het project is een grote uitdaging die samenhangt met onze lokale verankering. De pagina's over het Life4Fish project zijn momenteel enkel in het Engels beschikbaar.


Why this project?

The Life4Fish project symbolises Luminus’s determination to play an active part in renewable energy production and in the fight against climate change. It is a major challenge, linked to our local presence.

The decline of environmental quality, caused by global warming among other things, puts nature under a lot of pressure. Projects dedicated to the protection of biodiversity and the environment, like Life4Fish for fish fauna, therefore deserve special attention.

Green energy production aims at maximum respect for fauna and flora through the use of the best available technical means. In order to properly implement this action plan for the protection of species, Luminus, your energy partner, has called upon the research departments of the universities of Liège and Namur, experts of the EDF Group and the company Profish.

A European programme at the service of nature

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Four solutions

The 4 solutions we are considering involve different technologies. The first consists in predicting the periods during which fish migrate downstream. This involves a new strategy for the operation of hydroelectric dams, taking into account the migration intensity of fish. The second solution consists in the installation of repellent screens guiding the fish migration to the adequate channels. The third solution is the installation of a migration outlet and the fourth and last solution, which is not included in the scope of the Life programme but is intrinsically linked to our project, is the installation of a new type of turbine, a so-called environmentally sustainable turbine. This turbine should enable us to further reduce our impact on fish fauna without jeopardising our energy production.

Expected results

  • An integrated approach of the basin of the Lower Meuse, promoting the protection of the eel (Anguilla anguilla) and the salmon (Salmo salar).
  • A total proven escapement exceeding 80% for eel and 90% for salmon, in line with the protection targets. It will be possible for the first time to estimate the mortality rate in the Lower Meuse basin on the basis of the results of measurement campaigns, linked to modelling results.
  • Reduction of hydroelectric production by less than 5%. A model developed earlier in France will be adjusted to the specific conditions of the Meuse river in order to optimise electricity production during the migration periods. Thanks to the dynamic nature of this control strategy, concrete measures for the protection of fish can be taken while at the same time guaranteeing a production level of renewable energy that is sufficient to achieve the objectives of Belgium laid down within the context of the energy and climate policy of the European Union.
  • A methodology taking into account local characteristics for the operation of hydropower plants. The purpose of the project is to improve not only the operating practices of the operators but also the operating permits and the conditions linked to the permits, taking into account major local characteristics.
  • Commitment of the stakeholders of the Meuse basin, guaranteeing a widespread and transparent dissemination of the project results. The committee created for that purpose will meet at least twice a year during the term of the project. This committee will be responsible for the efficient dissemination of the results and for the coordination of the efforts made for the basin concerned, which will contribute to the international impact of the project and improve the chances of a repeat project in the future.

The project step by step

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Our ambitious and innovative approach involves public and private partners, industrials and scientists, companies and associations.
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Discover here our upcoming and previous events, as well as presentations about the project.
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