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Our ambitious and innovative approach involves public and private partners, industrials and scientists, companies and associations. As the list of partners below shows, the LIFE4FISH project is clearly able to unite stakeholders, facilitate partnerships and coordinated action.

Luminus Production department

Luminus invests to face the energy challenges of tomorrow: the company is committed to delivering innovative energy efficiency solutions to its customers and is pursuing its developments in renewable energy. Luminus' vision is based on its involvement to best satisfy its customers and to provide its 2,000 employees with attractive career opportunities. For the 5th year in a row, the company ranks among the top 59 employers in Belgium. Luminus benefits from its strong local roots and from the expertise of the EDF Group, one of the major players in the global energy sector.

The Production Department within Luminus brings expertise and knowledge related to investment, operation and maintenance operations of hydropower infrastructures. In charge of the operation of several dams along the Lower Meuse, Luminus also brings technical expertise as operator within the consortium.

EDF Group

Since 1947, the National Hydraulics and Environmental Laboratory (LNHE) has studied the interaction of water and the environment with the power generation facilities of EDF.

Our mission consists of three main objectives:

  • strengthen the environmental acceptability of EDF’s production facilities with regard to aquatic habitats (and public health via the food chain): excess heat, chemical waste, radiological emissions, biological effects, morphodynamics, integrity of rivers, etc.
  • protect the production facilities (hydroelectric dams, nuclear power plants) against environmental factors: floods, inundations, storms, low water, heatwaves, biological impacts (aquatic plants, biofouling).
  • contribute to the optimisation of our means of production by ensuring the water availability necessary for the cooling system of nuclear power plants and hydroelectric power stations, and, within the scope of the decarbonation of the energy mix, contribute to the development of marine energy and offshore wind energy.
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Profish Technology

Profish Technology is a spinoff created by the university of Liège in 2007 and specialised in monitoring fish ecology. Within the scope of the LIFE4FISH project, their mission is to measure the success of migration of Atlantic salmon smolts and silver eels along hydroelectric dams managed by Luminus.
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Université de Liège

University of Liège

The University of Liège is the comprehensive public university of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Its excellence is based on two centuries of academic education and research as well as on an intellectual tradition that has thrived in Liège since the Middle Ages.
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University of Namur

With more than 6200 students and 1100 staff, UNamur plays a leading role in the economic, socio-cultural and scientific development of Wallonia. In addition to the six faculties offering bachelor's and master's programs, many research entities are active in the University of Namur. They bring together academics, scientists, members of the administrative and technical staff, Belgian and foreigners, all sharing the same passion for research. 
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Université de Namur