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Scrum Master

Publicatiedatum: 25 juni 2024


Contract open-end

A Scrum Master is a servant leader and coach and a key role in the digital scrum teams, along with the Product Owner. The purpose of the Scrum Master is to guide Scrum teams to become high performing self-organizing teams that achieve their goals. As Scrum Master you promotes collaboration with other scrum teams and tracks inter-team dependencies using Agile best practices. You also help remove obstacles and create an environment for continuous flow and constant improvement.


The ‘OptiGen’ release train delivers application Transformation, Build and Run activities to the Power/Gas Optimization and Generation business departments within Luminus. They handle a large number of applications, from cloud-native custom build applications to SaaS solutions. 



Your Daily Job



  • You meet the PI Objectives : 

You ensure the scrum team progresses toward its goals by helping them focus on daily and Sprint Goals within the current Program Increment (PI) Objectives, safeguarding specific project milestones.

You eliminate impediments beyond the team’s authority to keep them focused on Sprint objectives.

You ensure delivery quality by meeting standards in the Definition of Ready, Definition of Done, or other criteria before production.

You assist Product Owners in managing the backlog and guiding the team with a healthy dynamic regarding priorities and scope, including IT-specific aspects.

With experience in multi-application teams, you enhance visibility for releases and components.


  • You manage scrum team collaboration:

You help prepare PI planning and breakouts with the PO and program team.

You protect the team from uncontrolled work expansion, communicating with management and stakeholders, and request the PO to reprioritize unexpected work.

You coordinate inter-team cooperation on the release train level and represent the team in cross-team forums.


  • You build a high performing team:

You focus on improving team dynamics and performance, managing conflicts and escalating issues to management when necessary.

You facilitate team retrospectives and teach problem-solving techniques to encourage self-sufficiency.

You organize and lead all Agile meetings, including Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Planning, Reviews, and Retrospectives.

You help the team embrace Agile Values and SAFe principles, promoting quality practices.

You drive the adoption of new techniques to enhance flow and quality, such as test automation, CI/CD, and pair programming.




Your Profile



  • You have extended experience in Agile methodologies, with a preference for SAFe. 
  • You have prior expertise in following-up and reporting on team delivery by leveraging Project Management software such as Jira. 
  • You have an affinity with IT solutions at all levels and a good general understanding of business contexts and complex IT architectures, including different technologies and systems. 
  • You should be able to connect and communicate to engage stakeholders
  • You are fluent in English, Dutch and/or French is a plus







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